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Maps of Paphos

During the Greco–Roman times, Paphos was the capital of Cyprus and dates from 1400 BC. Split into two sections, Ktima is the main residential area while Kato Paphos is the main district for holiday makers. Paphos is hugely popular with tourists, and most of the city’s inhabitants work in the Cyprus tourism sector in one way or another.

Map of Paphos disctrict Street map of Paphos

The attractions of Paphos are numerous as it is full of ancient wonders and historical sites such as the beautiful mosaic floors, the Nea Paphos being particularly beautiful and among the best in the world. In Paphos there is also the stunning old harbour, the archaeological museum, the Byzantine castle, The Tombs of the Kings, St Paul's Pillar and the Temple of Aphrodite, to name but a few.

Make a meal of it in Paphos

For those who like a bit of drama during a meal, a great restaurant in Paphos to try is the Flambe Steak Restaurant in Bar Street. The food is cooked at your table and the chefs tend to show off a bit to see who can get the flames to go the highest - so be warned! And for those who may be feeling a little homesick, Heals Bar and Restaurant in Chloraka, just a short distance from Paphos, offers the perfect remedy. It is owned by a lovely British couple who serve up traditional, home made food, and they also offer Thai and Indian cuisine for those who fancy something a little exotic.

Unforgettable Coral Bay

The beautiful beach of Coral Bay, with its soft sand and clear blue water, makes for a relaxing and pleasant day by the sea, and there are plenty of water sports to try out too.

A recommendation for anyone visiting Coral Bay is a trip to the famous Phideas Tavern. Bring a tea towel along with you with some sort of local design on it as the owner collects them from all around the world and will add yours to the many hundreds he already has. The food offered is various Cypriot dishes, from salads and cheese to grilled meats and sausages. It’s an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.